Best travel luggage bags -Traveling light and free is the key

I stand with what I preach, and if you’ve read my post on what to bring on your travels you’ll know that I prefer convenience over anything else.

Traveling light is an underappreciated practice and now that you know you’re probably looking for the best travel luggage bags to take on your next trip to save you from all the overencumbering.

You don’t want to be lugging around a tonne of stuff, sweating and working yourself to the bone when you should be enjoying your time. A heavy load will only slow you down and make your trip a thousand times more stressful. Read here on how to pack for a trip.

Look no further, these bags are all you’ll ever need if you want to master traveling light.

AIZBO Travel Duffel Bag

Compact, ergonomic and perfect for any occasion. It’s simplistic in design and even more simple in purpose; it’s not littered with unnecessary gimmicks or utilities but gets straight to the point.

It features a spacious 50L main compartment for your clothes, you could even fit in a camera or small laptop. The side pockets are perfect for tablets, phones or credentials and can be zipped for security. There’s even an expansion zip that allows for more usable space if needed.

Just looking at it you can tell it is strong and durable, the outer layer is made using high density canvas that’s lined with polyester cotton on the inside; a perfect combo that withstands wear and tear through constant use.

I love simplicity, and it doesn’t get any more simple than this; it isn’t overly baggy or huge in size and feels comfortable when swung over the shoulders with the provided strap.

MIER Sports Duffel Backpack

How about a Duffel bag that doubles as a backpack? Here we have an adjustable bag suited for pretty much anything, from sports to hiking and everything in between.

This bag boasts water resistant material that can withstand a fair amount of abrasion making it one of the heavy-duty big boys that people often use for climbing mountains and traversing challenging terrain.

The straps are adjustable and can easily be detached and the compression strap helps compact larger loads.

I think the 60L capacity is perfect, it even has a dedicated compartment for your shoes saving more space and allowing for more items to be stored. The bag offers side and inner pockets too for the smaller things.

Eastpak Tranverz M Suitcase

For the one taking a little more with them, this Eastpak suitcase is a great option; not too big but spacious enough to fit almost anything in there with its generous 78L capacity.

Its minimalist design allows for hassle free travel and features a smooth wheeling system that is able to traverse on any terrain making navigation a smooth experience.

This suitcase only has a main compartment, but can be sectioned off; but with its size I’m confident you’ll have no trouble bringing what you need.

The bag has is supported by compression straps that allows for volume control and is built with zip-fastening pockets, complete with belt straps to hold your belongings securely in place.

The Tranverz M is also fitted with a TSA lock that will keep your valuables safe, no need to worry about a key either with the easy three-digit code.

XQXA Multi-purpose Travel Backpack

Ready for a day out? You’re not going to carry around your luggage bag with you are ya? Perhaps something smaller should do; and this here is just the bag you need. Dash in your swimming shorts, a t-shirt, maybe your camera along with this and that and you’ll have your day planned and accounted for.

This backpack has a 45L capacity with compartments for any item; a small front one for your keys, wallet or sunglasses. The main compartment has space for anything from clothes to camping equipment, a laptop pocket that supports a 17 inch laptop, a small compartment you can place your phone and side pockets for your bottles. And that’s really all you need.

I really love the design of this bag, it’s sleek and beautiful; suitable for anything, even non-travel purposes. This bag is a slight bit smaller than the other ones on this list so this is for the true minimalist; but it also forces you to really think about what you want to bring on your trip.

However, as I always say; convenience over anything else and you really cannot go wrong with this one.

OSOCE Multi-purpose Safety Pouch

The safest items you can have are the ones you keep on your body, the ones out of reach and out of sight. This multi-purpose safety pouch is a godsend and can store all your essential items such as credentials, money, devices without you having to worry about any pickpockets while you’re out.

This pouch is a perfect fit on your body with its small size and large capacity, with a main compartment and additional pockets. It has a pocket dedicated for your phone, one for your wallet and another for anything loose like pens and little booklets even.

This bag features RFID blocking pockets, preventing any of your credentials or information from being stolen; maximum safety yay. Furthermore, this bag is splash-proof keeping your valuables protected from water damage. However, it is not water-proof so it probably shouldn’t be exposed to heavy rain.

There is another pouch like this one called the RIMIX but I didn’t like it as much due to it’s larger and inconvenient size. I find this one the ideal size, easily carried around and adjustable for any body type.

I feel any of these products are perfect for any sort of traveling, I keep in mind the convenience in size and price; you’re probably already paying a lot for your trips, the last thing you want is to spend a fortune on bags.

Minimalism is also something I favour, some of these bags may feature many bonuses but the main premise is that they are easy to carry around and are easy in design as well as comfort.

If you do decide to buy any of the bags above, be sure to invest in the safety pouch too. It’s a life saver and changer, I’ve had a loose carry bag of mine stolen once when I took my eyes off it, it had my phone and wallet as well as my passport.

If you’re going on planes or moving from place to place you want to keep these essentials on you at all times and as close as possible. So this bag is a must-have.

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