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I think we can all agree that we spend a big deal of time trying to compile a playlist to listen to when planning a road trip, it’s just tradition at this point. You’re looking for good road trip songs that help capture the ultimate vibe.

As they say, ‘it’s just as much about the journey as it is about the destination’, and it helps to keep things interesting, especially during a long stretch.

I dedicate my whole life to finding the perfect vibe, and of course music is one of the main factors that determines a vibe and therefore it is paramount that the perfect playlist be created for a long road trip.

You’ll be surprised by how music can subconsciously control a mood, you don’t want to be stuck in a car with the wrong ambiance.

Listening to music I believe also helps with morale, keeps us awake and alert and is great fun when everyone is singing along.

So here is how I personally set up my music for a long road trip, the listed songs are mainly for inspiration so you get an idea of what sort of vibe I’m talking about, the rest is for you to discover and explore:

Morning Vibes

It’s early morning, you set off on a long stretch of highway and see the sun ascend beyond the horizon; you all have your coffee in the tray and you’re ready for the day. You want to take it easy at first, you’ve just woken up and need a mood booster to go with the caffeine, here are some morning vibe tunes for you:

  • Lofi/ Jazz: We’ve got smooth grooves and chill instrumentals to help get you and your companions set the flavour for the day. Lofi has been rising in popularity in recent years and for good reason, it’s music perfect for any occasion and any sort of mood. Jazz compliments it very well and you’ll have creative artists that experiment and try to fuse these two styles together with influences from other genres to create a whole new colour of music.

>Jinsang – Bliss

>Mild Orange – Some Feeling

>Joshua Benjamin – Came My Way

  • Soft rock/ Alternative: You ever listen to Danzig’s Last Ride with the windows down? Makes you feel like a total badass; like a cowboy smoking a cigar while riding off into the morning sun. We’re getting brave with the music now; rock in the morning? Yessir, make your morning a little more lively. There’s something in rock in general that’s hard to find in other genres, the genuineness of the instruments and the amount of talent that’s required to write and play them, the strong and prominent vocals that carry deep and often uplifting lyrics and the synergy within the band.

>3 Doors Down – Kryptonite

>Danzig – Mother

>Kaleo – Way Down We Go

>Red Hot Chili Peppers – Scar Tissue

Day Vibes

We’re all full of energy at this point; are we there yet? How much further? There may be some time left to kill and it’s not like there’s a lot to do while you’re driving; we need something fun to do, play some games, chat about good memories, do some karaoke perhaps?

You need something to help you release some energy, may I suggest something upbeat? Maybe something you can all sing along to? There’s so much to listen to, but I like to go for these types of tunes when I’m on the road:

  • 80s Bangers: The 80s had it all, the funk, the pop, soul, sexy smooth basslines and all the wacky haircuts that are testament to their time. Blast on some Fat Larry’s band or Earth, Wind and Fire and you’ll be driving in a mobile disco; cruising down the motorway with finesse and groove. You might be thinking, the 80s? That’s hella old, but you have to understand that these pieces are timeless and sound as good now as they did back then. Anyone can appreciate a little funk in their lives and these are literally the best vibes to have existed.

>Fat Larry’s Band – Act Like You Know

>Hall and Oates – Out of Touch

>Earth, Wind and Fire – Devotion

  • Upbeat Music: I’m not a huge fan of modern day pop, besides you listen to the radio so I’d like to exclude some better known artists around. But, anything upbeat is good in my books. This can be anything from House music to RnB, EDM, Heavy Metal, cloud rap and anything in between. The goal here is to get everyone singing and jumping, or generally just have a grand time, it could even be some 60s/ 70s classics like Frank Sinatra or The Five Stars. Anything that helps keep the mood going.

>Tuxedo – Do It

>Jakubi – Couch Potato

>Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine

Evening/ Night Vibes

Ah, peace at last, we’re all worn out, bored, possibly a bit tired and we’re all looking out the window alone in our thoughts pretending to be in a drama. The sun is starting to set, things are calm, the air is clear and life is good.

How about something to finish the day? Something you could nod off to, unless you’re driving, then stay awake. We tend to become more emotional and we get a little more in touch with our feelings around this time, so it’s important to help maintain some positivity and keep a relaxed mind.

  • More Lofi and Jazz: Lofi is full of surprises, and as I have mentioned before is perfect for any occasion; in this case a different sort of Lofi might be needed The skies are an orange/ blue hue, perhaps a hint of pink as the sun sets, it could even be raining; everything feels calm as you cruise on hoping to find a place to rest for the night. You’re left with your thoughts, things in the car seem to have quietened down and you want to relax after a long day, lofi helps with getting into the pondering mood whether you want to reminisce or just take it easy. Lofi= perfection.

>Sarcastic Sounds – In The Morning

>FnTm – Soothe Me

>Verzache – Mind Games

  • Synthwave/ Chillwave/ Vaporwave: Imagine going down a long road at night, it’s quiet, peaceful. You put on some chillwave and feel like you’re in a sci-fi movie, there’s a positive futuristic vibe to it; a lit city is in the distance, the skies are clear and the air smells fresh. These genres are a mix of that good old retro pop, blended with lofi aesthetics and plenty of synthesizers, this is what the future looked like back in the 80s. It’s not over the top and there are a lot of relaxing tunes that help you get into that night drive vibe.

>Fractal Man – Driving Lessons

>Nick Force – Drive

>Kavinsky – Nightcall (Breakbot Remix)

  • Psychedelic/ Dreamlike/ Indie: Nothing better than listening to music that makes you feel like you’re dreaming, over the decades many artists have emerged with the purpose of making music that swiftly transports you out of the fabrics of reality with their seemingly slow grooves and dreamy vocals, it’s like riding on a cloud drifting calmly through the land. This type of vibe takes so many forms and can be found in jazz, funk, soul and even rock and has been around since the 60s. Since it’s experimental, artists are able to put out a wide variety of music that never diminishes in creativity; crafting an atmosphere ideal for relaxation suitable for any occasion.

>Tame Impala – New Person, Same Old Mistakes

>Low Hum – Comatose

>The Second Sex – In a Mood

Good Road Trip Songs

In all honesty, choosing the music for your road trip is subjective and these are my personal selections for what I would choose if I spent a long time on the road. In addition, I like to switch it up depending on where I find myself; if I were driving through some forests I want to put something on that reflects that environment.

Think of it as compiling a soundtrack to your trip; there’s such a huge variety of music, don’t get stuck listening to the same radio station or genre or artist, explore and discover and you’re one step closer to finding the ultimate vibe.

Lastly, if you’re driving always pay attention to the road and if you ever feel tired be sure to stop somewhere and have a rest. Stay safe and have a great, road trip…


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