How to earn money while traveling – Fund your dreams while living it!

Away for a while? Wondering how to earn money while traveling? Worried you might need a little more money than you have to help keep you afloat?

Just because you’ve asked your boss for some time off doesn’t mean you can’t earn anymore while you’re away. And on the off-chance that you’re running low on your holiday you might need to resort to a back-up plan to bring in a little extra dosh.

In this article I’d like to give a few ideas on how to make a little more money while you’re away and link you to some useful resources to help make this happen. Money comes and goes, and you shouldn’t be ashamed to spend it on life-fueling experiences, just know that a little more mullah never hurt anyone; you might even need it, it could save you.

Stay tuned for the last points as this is the ultimate way to earn money and keep traveling for the unforseeable future.

Working Odd Jobs

What? Work? I’m here to enjoy my time, not work…

You might be wondering this; now of course this isn’t needed if you plan to visit Spain for a week and you’ve already got a return ticket. But if you’re like me and like to take your time traveling this may come in handy as there’s always work to be found around the world and people are more than willing to pay for an honest, helping hand.

Consider it like having a free meal without going into your own pockets. Here are a few ideas for odd jobs you can do:

=> Restaurants and Bars: A lot of restaurants and bars are private businesses with hands-on owners/ bosses that you can easily get in touch with. During peak-season these businesses enjoy a busy day full of hungry patrons and the joint tends to get packed, a few waiters might not be enough and a helping hand is more than likely to be appreciated at times.

Contact the manager and appeal with them to allow you to work, there are places that overlook the requirements for a working visa and are willing to pay you on the down low.


=> Inns and Hostels: Housekeeping is a helluva chore, and it takes more than a few minutes to just clean a room and switch out bedsheets, believe me. A helping hand goes a long way with these places; as much as they try to make your stay as enjoyable as possible, they’ll always appreciate someone sharing some of their burdens.

Work for inns and hostels vary and knowing the local language does help. You could even expect free lodging. Speak to the person in charge and ask if they are in need of assistance and then negotiate. Put yourself out there…


=> Boats and Cruises: All hands on deck. I’ve known a few people who were able to cross a channel or river for free by offering their services in return, helping out on and below deck. Don’t overestimate this job, helping out on boats can be a tough experience, especially if you decide to help on a fishing boat like a friend of mine did.

Now on cruises and ferries, that’s a different story, you can opt to work or volunteer in one of these online with a bit of research, the pay for temporary work isn’t always the greatest but can you really complain about free travel?

If you do however decide to get a fulltime job on a cruise ship, then it’s the security of a well paid and fun job that you can be sure of. You can always go for this.

=>Farms: Going to a less developed country and looking to help out at a farm won’t yield as much as other things on the list, many of these farmers hardly have enough to get by for themselves so don’t expect a lot of money, or any at all. You’ll at least get their gratitude, a warm meal maybe? A place to sleep.

There are however job sites online you can consult and search for seasonal work at farms picking fruits and veg that actually pay a bit, you can always try this out.

Renting Out

So you’re out and about for a while, you leave your home and your car among many other things, who’s to say you can’t generate a lickle bit of income from these idle items? You could always rent them out to friends or others. Here are some things you can rent out:

=>Your Car: As I had mentioned, you’re away and your vehicle is probably collecting some dust in your garage, or it could be parked somewhere collecting bird doodoo instead. Rent your car out, that is if you’re not using that car on a road trip of course.

Now you might be wondering, what’s stopping others from just disappearing with your little wagon, never to be seen again? How about this: With Turo your vehicle can be protected up to £1Million against theft and damage. Turo is a car sharing marketplace that allows you to rent out your car safely and set your own prices and preferences.

=>Your Home: You’ll need someone to help out with this in case you’re not home in time for your guest to return keys. But renting out your home is a great way to make extra money and thousands of people around the world do this regularly.

You could lend your home out on AirBnB, I could make a separate post on how to get started but it’s a pretty straightforward process. In the meantime, if you ‘Sign up using this link’ you’ll be rewarded with £25 off your home booking AND £9 to use toward an experience worth £36 or more, there’s a start.


=>Your things: What things? Things… Your lawnmower perhaps, or hand mixer. Now I myself haven’t done this before and don’t like recommending platforms I know nothing about. But it’s worth a shot and I have known people that do this, even though the money isn’t as great as some of the other points made in this article.

Selling and Publishing

Ah, the easiest way to earn a buck, sell something right? There are so many things to sell and in a worst case scenario, you could sell your watch to help keep you afloat; but let’s hope it doesn’t get to that, there are many other things I can recommend however and here are a few:

=>Publish an E-book: Do you have an idea for an awesome story? Or perhaps you want to share your knowledge and expertise. Ever considered writing an E-book? You might be surprised to know that a lot of people are doing this to make a little money and you don’t need to be an established author to publish an E-book either.

Furthermore, E-books have the potential to earn you ‘passive income’, how about waking up one day knowing you made a couple quid while you were asleep? And it doesn’t even take a lot to start publishing, all you need is time and creativity, the real effort goes into writing a book that’s worth buying. The rest is pretty straight forward, and you’ll find plenty of guides on how to publish your book.

Just remember, that you may not get rich selling books, unless of course you find some fame in it. But it always helps to have an extra pound in your pocket.

=>Sell your photos: You ever been traveling and took so many photos you don’t know what to do with them? How about selling them? If you’re a photographer and have a professional camera this is something you can definitely try out.

Surely you’ve heard of stock photos, you’re able to license these photos to other people for their use by having them pay a small price for the pictures.

It won’t make you rich, but you could easily do it as a side hustle. What you could also do if you’re a photographer is offer your service to other people that need them for a larger price, say if you stumble upon someone who needs wedding pictures taken, there’s a lot of money to be found in this.

Some of the top places you could sell photos is Shutterstock and Adobe Stock, just to name a few.

=>Sell your valuables: Bring anything you don’t really need? Yeah, everyone does sometimes, how about lightening the load and selling some of the stuff off? Some clothes you never wear perhaps, it’s just sitting in your suitcase you might as well earn a few bucks for them.

Really need that dosh? How about selling that expensive watch of yours? Depending on your situation you might have to resort to these things. As the quote goes “If you keep buying things you don’t need, you’ll soon have to sell the things that you do need” -Warren Buffett. And therefore if you don’t budget your travels properly you might even be forced to sell your Laptop or favourite Jordans; it’s all money baby.

Businesses and Online

Now, I’m very excited about this here point, because out of all the other points this one has the potential to let you travel anywhere at any time; because as we all know, owning and building a business can earn you a lot of money in the long run if you invest your time in it properly, you’ll be able to earn money anywhere and even earn money while you sleep.

Online businesses can make you rich af. Now let me tell you that this is no easy path and it requires a lot of work to be put in, but it sets you up nicely and can even replace your boring ole 9 to 5.

All you need? A laptop…

=>Become an English Teacher: Being an English Teacher is a widely sought after profession in some parts of the world, and depending where you’re from it could pay you well.

Say for example, I live in the UK, I could become an English teacher in Thailand and be paid the standard wage of the UK; and with the money I earn over here I could easily live as a king over there.

You’ll need to invest in some courses like TEFL and earn a certification before you can legally become an English Teacher, a degree in English isn’t always necessary but for some places you’ll need one for Visa reasons. Also, a Passport from an English speaking country is preferred for many of the places.

Agencies like ‘I-to-I TEFL‘ and ‘’ provide you with the courses you need and can help you in getting a job once you’ve graduated, you can also look at job sites. With a diploma like this it is possible to travel the world teaching English, I have friends who do this in Costa Rica, China and Dubai and every so often they take trips to nearby countries for fun.

Just remember to always do your research as each country may have different prerequisites for becoming a teacher.

=>Freelance work: Do you have a skill? Any skill that you think you could profit off? There are plenty of outlets online that allow you to earn money by having you do what you do best.

Freelance work can range anywhere from copywriting, web design, graphics design, marketing, social media managing, anything. People are willing to pay for anything online provided you have what they need. Visit websites like Fiverr, Freelancer and Upwork to get an idea of what kind of services are available online.

Remember though, that freelancing does take effort and time and it’s best if you got your hands on it before you decide to go traveling; you’re gonna need a solid start and plenty of references to become successful but once you’re on the road it could help fund your travels for potentially a long time.


=>Influencer: You might think to yourself: How? There’s already so many people doing this, how could I fit in this day and age? It’s probably a little tougher now, but if you have amassed a large following on social media this could do well for you.

Influencers, as the title suggests are people who have influence over others online; what they say, do and promote reaches far and wide and this is good for business.

You could become an ambassador and help companies get their products out, or help promote hotel stays to potential guests. In return you could benefit from free products, hotel stays, sponsorship and many other things.


=>Amazon FBA/ Dropshipping: A lot of money has been made with these two business models and there’s nothing better than making money by doing nothing, well not exactly nothing, first you’ll need to set everything up and make some investments but the return on investment is the potential for funding your travels in the future.

‘FBA’ short for ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ is a program provided by Amazon that allows you to send products to their warehouses where they will then store, package and ship your merchandise for you without you having to do anything, you’ll have to set up an Amazon store online, invest in and import your products to one of their warehouses and they’ll handle the rest.

Dropshipping is similar in the sense that you have an online store that people buy products from, the difference is that they pay you to purchase straight from the supplier, call it being the middleman and the beauty is that there is no inventory, saving both space and money. You even have control over how much money you’re charging per product, which is pretty much the same as FBA.

Having either of these businesses means you’re earning passive income and if successful can fund your travels as you’re your own boss earning in your own time.

My blog isn’t exactly in the business niche otherwise I’d provide a guid to how to start these businesses up. But with a bit of research, you’ll find plenty of people online that can help you set up and start earning that money.

=>Blogging, Affiliates and advertising: Love traveling? Want to tell your stories and give tips to people like I do? Open a blog and monetise off it, easy peasy. It doesn’t take a lot to start blogging, you just need a creative mind and a place to start, once you’ve gained a following and some engagement you can begin earning money from it though affiliate links, and paid advertisements, you could even link your page with your dropshipping business and earn money on both.

As long as there are people visiting your website there is always money making potential. Passive too.

Imagine writing about what you love, and having people read it and enjoy it. You’re there to help make traveler’s lives easier and enjoyable by providing guides like these and giving your opinions on products which may prompt them to buy it through your recommendation and you earn a commision. Sounds like a pretty good business idea to me.

Not sure where to start? How about trying Wealthy Affiliate? I couldn’t recommend anything else if you’re looking to start blogging and monetizing through affiliate marketing which I really see as an opportunity to make money and travel at the same time as the money earning eventually becomes fully automated.

Of course, a lot of time and effort is needed first to become successful like most things and I would suggest starting this off before using it as a means to fund your traveling. I’ll be writing a review on this product soon to give you a better insight on how this platform is changing lives in the business industry. For now I’ll just leave a link below with a nice little surpise for you, come check it out…

In Conclusion

There are of course so many ways to make money while traveling, many of which I haven’t listed and are all equally useful. But the main point is that it’s all possible, your income shouldn’t be limited by your job and it should definitely not stop flowing just because you’re on a break.

As I said, a little extra money while traveling always helps and is better than earning no money. This of course is aimed at people who want to spend a little more time away as opposed to the people who are on a fully planned out two week trip.

For some traveling is a lifestyle, it’s more than just a hobby. There is so much to see and do, too much to experience in one lifetime; for those who want to stay away from their boring old job as much as possible need to find ways to earn money and survive before they can fully continue to travel the world.

But I believe it’s all in good fun, it’s a learning experience that sitting in an office can never provide. Go out and live your lives, earn that money and live well…

Until next time

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