How to try new things – Overcoming fear

The one thing everyone realises when they travel is that they’re constantly trying out new things, traveling is a plethora of new experiences that helps build the character; for some these new things may come as exciting and fresh and to others daunting and scary.

But as with everyone you must always be curious on how to try new things, it’s what makes our lives so much more interesting, you simply can’t be caught doing the same thing over and over and over again just because you’re afraid to try new waters.

As my good man Andre Gide once said:“Man cannot reach new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore”

The way I see it, you’re here to create a legacy. To make stories to tell for years to come. You’re a legend and people will see you as such after hearing of all the amazing things you’ve done in your life; the secret though is that anyone can do what you want to do. The thing that sets you apart is that you were willing to try something new.

“Have I told you the definition of insanity? It’s doing the same thing over and over and over again, expecting things
to change” -Vaas

What’s the worst than can possibly happen?

I want to go skydiving… But what if my chute fails to deploy?

Scared to take that plane? Why? Are you really going to crash? Or are you perhaps worried you’ll get lost?

Don’t want to quit your job to travel? Why? Is this decision really going to make you homeless and poor?

Some things may seem out of our control, but what happens after greatly depends on how we react to it as well as what we do about it. There’s no use in agonizing over every small thing in life, and you’ll realize that not all is as bad as you make it out to be.

Go with the flow and learn to deal with things in the best way possible, never shy away from your potentials.

So, no I’m not going to crash that plane, because it’s being flown by trained professionals and technology has advanced where I don’t need to constantly worry about my health and safety.

Will I get lost? If I do, I’ll just ask for help and directions. Damn, I missed the plane, no I won’t perish in the airport I’ll figure something out. Simple.

Will I become poor and homeless if I quit my job and travel? Well, I can always crash at my parents’ or friend’s place if the situation really got that bad until I sort myself a job to get my financial situation up to speed.

Last I traveled I ended up with nearly £1000 in overdraft, I had no money to come home and so I was stuck. I stayed at my girlfriend’s house for a while and my family helped pay me a ticket home, once home I sold some stuff and worked a bit to get some money. Easy. I live a normal life now, and I’m not homeless. Yesh

Think of all of the worst case scenarios, the absolute worst and figure out the chances of these things happening. More time the chances are very low, people also tend to overthink and overcomplicate matters more than they should.

So relax, it’s not all bad.

Afraid of people’s opinions?

I used to be. I didn’t like having my picture taken in front of crowds in fear that they’ll think I’m weird. Or I’m asked to take my shirt off, oh no but what if people start looking? They’ll laugh at me… Noooo :(((

Now this is going to change your life as much as it did mine: NO ONE CARES! Really. You fell down and people saw, just laugh it off and carry on, make a little joke out of it, it’s cool.

Are they going to remember you tonight when they go to bed? No! Even if they do, what are they going to do about it?

People are too indulged in their own lives to be thinking about those they’re not familiar with. The whole world isn’t going to stop and stare, and if they do so what? What people think of you is none of your business.

Don’t limit yourself in fear of others’ opinions.

People want you to do good, but never better than them. It hurts them to see others live out their dreams, so they keep you at their level. You’re not here to keep them happy, neither are you here to seek permission to live your life.

Take that big step, go on that holiday you always wanted, take those pictures. Be happy in your own world.

Open the doors to opportunity

Taking that one first step can literally open the doors to so many things to come in the future, take starting out travel for an example. There’s always a first time for everything…

I was scared shitless when I first took the plane all alone. What if I board the wrong one and go to some random country? What if I don’t make the transit on time; will I be stuck forever? These were the thoughts going through my mind at the time.

But I pulled through, and I took my first plane, then the second, and third and so on. I board planes, now I can go wherever I want, with this newfound skill I took myself to Thailand, Singapore, Dubai and so many places.

The door to the world has literally been opened to me. And now I can go surfing in Bali, I can climb the Swiss Alps, swim in the Canadian lakes. Hell, what’s stopping me from taking a trip to thee Arctic?

This applies to pretty much everything in life. Learning a new skill for example, opens up opportunity for so much. I recently started a course in Photoshop, now I’m making art pieces and revitalizing my creativity in new ways.

There’s always more than what meets the eye.

Make a list of goals

What are some things you’ve never tried before? Surely we all have a bucketlist? No? Well then make one, a list of goals does not need to all be populated with seemingly impossible quests; add something small like try tennis for the first time or yoga.

Cook a meal if you haven’t already, I tried it and I surprised myself with what I can make.

After you write these goals, research on how you can get yourself started in them so you know the general procedures and pull it off when the time is right.

Having written goals in my opinion is so much more practical than holding it in your heart or head, you’ll be reminded often and I believe it has much more of an impact on you than when you’re just trying to remember it.

Flesh it out, make a solid plan and follow that plan.

Start small and step out of your comfort zone

Wanna go skydiving? But hate heights? We all love a little challenge and the adrenaline that comes with it; but we need to be prepared, we need to make the decision that we want to do it. No maybes or half-hearted thoughts.

Start small, work on overcoming your fears bit by bit before facing off the big finale. Or you can just jump straight into it like a mad lad like I do; no excuses for me.

It’s pretty much like with anything else, from sports to business. You start small, you make small sales, you practice in the shallow end; and gradually you become better, bigger than before; you evolve.

Soon you’ll be able, physically and mentally to take on whatever stands in your way.

Life is like a game, you’ve got to start somewhere, and in time you level up your character, you gain that knowledge, that expertise, the experience.

Want to start traveling? Travel to nearby places before venturing off further; heck try visiting different cities first if that’s what you’re comfortable with. But make that step, and the snowball rolls into a bigger one.

When you travel do new things

So now that you know how and why you should try new things, don’t get caught doing the same things when you’re out traveling. Take a different transport method, you might find it cheaper, it may take longer and it might be less convenient, but sometimes you might have to resort to these methods, don’t shy away from it just because it’s not what you’re used to.

Don’t just go on holiday to chill at the beach and swim in resorts. Go see the waterfalls, take part in cultural activities. Ride a horse. Eat new foods you’ve never had before, refine your palate. Get creative and live your life.

In your own town even, you’re bored. What to do, what to do? Visit a museum maybe? Visit a new park, try a new activity. As I said before, start small. You don’t have to wait to travel to start new things, just don’t become boring.

Be spontaneous

You ever go on holiday and just walk around minding your own business, when a stranger standing at the front of a massage parlor asks if you’d like a good ole rub?

Many times, people tend to ignore them and carry on, next time stop and listen to what they have to say, you might be surprised. A massage does wonders to your body and is the ultimate form of relaxation.

You don’t need a plan for everything that happens; especially when you travel. Sometimes the thrill lies in spontaneity, I nowadays don’t plan for much when I go out; takes too much time and effort, and nine times out of ten I don’t even pull through with it.

Just go with the flow, see something you like? Just do it! Someone offers you a good deal on an epic boat ride, F it and go. What’s the worst that can happen?

Develop a F*ck it mindset, if it’s within reason then why not? Don’t ask for permission, and if something messes up, ask for forgiveness instead.

Remember, YOLO…


Don’t grow old with the regret that you haven’t tried anything new in your youth.

Even worse than that is coming home from a nice trip realising you could’ve done soooo much more than laze around at the hotel. The sights you could’ve seen, the things you could’ve done.

Remember, every second that passes you will never ever get back. And that’s facts, so get out there and make everything you do a vibe.

This isn’t to say you can’t try anything new in your old age, in fact I recommend it; it helps keep the mind refreshed and young. But I urge everyone to try and do something new in a while.

You only live once, do you really want to live your life doing the exact same thing day in and out? Working the same job doing the same tasks over and over? For 40+ years???

That’ll kill me for real.


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