Making money whilst traveling – A Wealthy Affiliate Review

  • Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate
  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Platform
  • Owners: Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim
  • Price: Free Join/ £35 pm/ £395 pa
  • My Rating: ****4/5****

So you want to be a nomad, moreso than that; perhaps a digital nomad. Making money whilst traveling is a dream to many, but how many have the conviction to make that dream a reality?

What’s putting you off? The investments? Lack of time? The fear of failure perhaps? Earning a couple quid is, contrary to what a lot of people think a very simple matter, and if you’ve read my previous post you’ll hopefully agree.

But you’re tired of coming across scams, you lose hope and can’t seem to find a reliable platform on which you can learn and build a profitable online business. I myself have fallen victim to the doubts and insecurities cast on me due to the dishonesty of people online. But after a long time thinking how I can be making money whilst traveling I can finally say that my search is over.

The world of online business is a place so vast and diverse that billions upon billions of moneys have been made with this and more people are becoming richer by the day, allowing them to travel and see the world and enjoy their lives a little more.

You’re here wondering what I have to offer you, you want to get on the trend, earn that money all the while being your own boss and working at your own time. Well look no further, I have a lickle product that I want to show you.

Enter the world of Affiliate Marketing…

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In simple terms, affiliate marketing is a business model wherein an affiliate earns a commision for marketing another person’s product. So you’re basically earning a percentage of the overall profits made.

Say I have a friend who wants to sell some stuff, he needs to let the people know that he has goods to sell. I help him out by pointing potential and interested buyers in his direction and promoting his products. I use various tools at my disposal to reach out to as many people as possible; and as a reward I get paid a bit of money for helping out basically.

But Kev, can you earn a lot of money this way? You may ask, and the answer is: It all depends on what you do. Say you’re selling something for £20 and your comission rate is 10%, you’re only getting paid £2 for each item sold. Now that’s £2 earned only by referring someone though, times that by 10 people and you’ve earned £20. That’s not a lot right? How about, earning a 15% – 20% comission for a £2000 item, that’s £300 to £400. Now that’s more like it, scale that to maybe just 5 people that have made a purchase through your affiliate links, and you’re ballin’.

Seem a bit too good to be true? There is no scheme at play, and the customer is at no disadvantage whatsoever; so all in all it’s a pretty honest business model. The seller gets a profit, the marketer gains a comission and the customer is introduced to a great product; all in a day’s work. And countless of your favourite youtubers or online personalities are doing this too.

You want to make money and travel? Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn that passive income that can fund your journeys for a potentially long time. Imagine owning your own blog and having people come to it, buy something from it and you earn some dosh all by doing nothing. Well, almost; but it’s always reassuring to be able to sell something while you sleep, and I believe that’s the ultimate goal in life and the key to enjoying it more without having to work for scraps at a job that’s draining your soul.

About Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an online training platform designed to teach and show students how to build a profitable online business from scratch in the form of a niche blog. This platform is in my opinion the must-have for newcomers and seasoned marketers alike.

Wealthy Affiliate have been in the game, leading the online business industry since 2005 and the founders Kyle and Carson even longer. What was once, according to Kyle a difficult sector to get into has been simplified and made so easy even your grandma could start an online business. And with Wealthy Affiliate it’s more than just possible

It’s essentially a school; complete with a massive community of students, classrooms catering to specific areas of the business, and live webinars that take place weekly. Besides that, almost all the resources you need can be found at WA, whether you need a new domain, you need to set up a new website or you need some research done; you can do it all within the platform without having to scour the internet for answers

Please note however that this here platform is a legit way to make money; but just like a legit business, you can never expect to make it big without making the necessary sacrifices and efforts, and it is in no way a means to get rich quick like a lot of other platforms advertise. But every lesson you complete feels rewarding and you can feel that you’re making progress over time as you come to populate your blog with posts and comments.

I feel like they hold your hand the whole way, every step is accounted for and all of the essentials covered without dwelling on the minute and irrelevant details. Straight to the point. And if you’re stuck? A diverse community to consult with as well as a reliable support team in case of technical difficulties

About the Courses

Wealthy Affiliate offers a core training course for you to follow; we call it the Online Entrepreneur Certification. It’s a curriculum that’s divided into 5 main Levels; each Level has about 10 lessons and over 20 to 35 tasks for you to complete with almost all lessons offering a video tutorial.

Here we have a diagram showing the curriculum, I think most of this is pretty self explanatory but it goes in a lot more depth in the lessons:

This course will teach you the basics from the very roots of setting up your website to the advanced level where you’re making it completely profitable.

Every lesson is specially catered and laid out with easy to follow instructions and a very clear video demonstrating exactly how everything is done.

For the people who aren’t too sure what they want their blog to be about WA has an Affiliate Bootcamp consisting of 7 main Levels to follow, you’ll be following a template and building your website from scratch with a more streamlined approach to business, promoting and monetising of a preset affiliate program. Here’s the general curriculum for the bootcamp:

  • >Phase 1: Getting your business rolling
  • >Phase 2: Content, Keywords and Conversion
  • >Phase 3: Giving your site social value
  • >Phase 4: Get visual. Get aesthetic. Get a brand through media
  • >Phase 5: Knowing your audiences and catapulting your referrals
  • >Phase 6: Bing, Yahoo and the power of PPC
  • >Phase 7: How to scale successful PPC

About the founders

Before investing in a course or a company for that matter, it’s always important to know who the company owners and founders are. Their transparency and reputation helps build trust with customers and just knowing who we’re dealing with is much more reassuring than when we consider purchasing something from someone we know nothing about.

Thankfully, the founders of Wealthy Affiliate Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim are very respectable people in the online business community and the longevity of the platform they’ve built is testament to why they’re well liked. They’re not in it to bleed you dry, but have an honest approach to business and truly want to see you succeed.

They’re some of the most honest and selfless people in the online business, very down to earth and open when it comes to dealing with people, especially their students; always taking time to respond to them. They didn’t just build Wealthy Affiliate and let it run itself but are still very active members within the community.

These two men were at one point where many are right now, trying to find a breakthrough in the online world, finding ways to monetize and make profit passively, they were there since the emergence of the online market and have adapted and mastered through all of the changes throughout the years, so it’s pretty safe to say that they are absolute veterans in the field and this really shows in the lessons taught by Kyle.

Kyle and Carson may own the website, but to know that the community helps run it is very reassuring. The fact that success within the platform is shared with countless others should be proof enough that Wealthy Affiliate is a trustworthy and transparent learning platform.

Many courses you see advertised online are sold by people that aren’t that well known, they’re many times only in it for the money; slap together a course and sell it off with as little effort as possible, leaving you to learn on your own.

Not all of them are bad though mind you, but I’d rather go with people that I trust and those that have made a good name for themselves. Like my men Kyle and Carson

So, Why Wealthy Affiliate?

If you really want to start blogging, or you’re into affiliate marketing as a means to earn a second source of income then I couldn’t recommend Wealthy Affiliate more.

Consider it an online school if you will, complete with fellow students and classrooms. Unlike a lot of other courses that you see online where you’re given a curriculum to follow and you’re left to do your own thing, Wealthy Affiliate has the community and resources dedicated for your business you need to actually be on the beaten path to success.

So why exactly Wealthy Affiliate? Well I’m glad you asked Jimmy, let me tell you exactly why:

>It pretty much holds your hand throughout the entire process from scratch to setting up your online business with products and affiliate links ready for monetization. Every lesson comes complete with a video tutorial and written instructions that are very easy to follow. You could opt to start your own blog, if you have a niche picked out, or if you’re not sure what to write about you can just follow their bootcamp course. Either path you choose will have plenty for you to benefit from.






>Seperate classrooms that cater to specific sectors of the online business from website development, to Search Engine Optimisation. All contributed to by fellow members of the community. You ever need advice or help, this is the place to go; you’ll have your curiosity quenched before you know it.

>A diverse, active and super friendly community all working towards a common goal, you’ll immediately feel at home and start making connections with likeminded people that are more than willing to help you. I feels good to know you’re not the only one on the boat, and there will be people from all walks of life trying to make a better living so you’ll never feel left out. You even have a live chatroom where you’ll find people discussing various topics that you can jump into.

>Plenty of live events for you to enjoy, you’ll be notified of upcoming webinars given by ambassador members that are nothing but gems and free knowledge. You’ll be taught things, tips, tricks and secrets that you won’t read about anywhere else that will help immensely in growing your business. And if you happen to miss a webinar, you’ll be able to rewatch it in the classrooms.

>Countless resources for you to benefit from. You need to buy a domain? Save time and buy one straight from WA. Want to research low competition keywords? WA has your back with Jaaxy, an invaluable tool.

Ready to start writing out some quality content? Wealthy Affiliate has it’s own word processing tool you can use to flesh out your blog, the article which can be inegrated straight onto your site as soon as you finish.

>Affiliate Programs: There are thousands of affiliate programs for you to register to, sometimes you’ll need to scour the internet for them, you need to spend time researching and planning for the right one. Wealthy Affiliate has a tool dedicated to making finding programs a breeze and a half; you’ll be able to register and integate them onto your site promptly. A very useful tool indeed.

>A feedback and comment system: You can easily ask for opinions and advice on your website from other members of the community on how to improve your site.

>The most reliable tech support I’ve ever been a witness to, always ready to help out whenever you feel stuck with anything. You’re never left in the dark and they’ll actually sort the problem out without you having to do anything. Send a ticket and you’ll be aided in no time flat

>Statistics help tell the story, and it couldn’t be more true within the business world. People want to know if this platform really helped others on the path to success, if it’s legit. The numbers speak for themselves and as shown below, I think these are pretty impressive figures:


Here comes the big question, so how much does it really cost? After everything I’ve just explained regarding Wealthy Affiliate I wouldn’t blame you if you thought this platform will drain you of your wallet in return for some success; like many other courses do. But no, don’t be deterred. Let me be the bearer of good news and say that:


Come on man. Free? No credit card required? Yessir, yessir. As a token of good faith, Wealthy Affiliate actually gives you access to these lessons, where you start a website and post content costing you not a single penny, you could pretty much carry on making money off the free membership. The first ten lessons are more than enough to get you on the track to success.

But you’ll soon come to realise that you want to continue, I guarantee you that this course will have you hooked and you’ll want to get a premium membership…

…To which I can also proudly say will only cost a meager £15 for the first month and then about £35 a month thereafter if you use the link below or above, which isn’t a bad shout right? How much money do you spend on worthless membership programs like Netflix and whatnot? And if you really want to save money you could opt for a yearly payment of £394 which is £70 off the total cost if you paid a month. You’ll also get 100 free community credits which are valued at $40 and a free domain. How is this not a deal right now? Come on chuck.

Now imagine you went to a university, you’re paying a minimum of £9,000 a year for a course. So there’s no way you can tell me this is a bad deal at all.

Making Money Whilst traveling with Wealthy Affiliate

Imagine having a website, you’re blogging about the things you like, showing off your pictures and telling stories of your adventures; people come to your site and enjoy your content.

They interact with you and you gain a following, and remember; every visitor is a potential customer you can earn money from.

They understand you and can relate to you as a person, so with time they’ll come to trust your word and are more than willing to buy what you have on offer, creating profit and potentially funding your travels in the future.

Many people have made this a dream of theirs and you can too.

Remember Affiliate Marketing is more than just a means to earn money, more than just a business. It is a service you provide to people, education, entertainment, insight. You can’t be in it to only earn money, treat it as a service to yourself, a hobby perhaps where you write about what you like, put your thoughts and knowledge down for others to benefit from.

You’re out traveling and you obviously need a place to record your adventures, and so of course starting a blog is the most logical thing to do. Over time it’ll be populated with memories, posts and pictures you’ve made and can be considered a great achievement and perhaps may serve as a portfolio for people to refer to.

You want to travel, and you can’t travel while you’re working, so what do you do? Find ways to earn money while you travel, there are many and my previous post expands on that. But the best thing anyone can do if they want to continue traveling is open an automated online business that generates income without you having to be active all of the time. This is called passive income and is the ultimate way to live.

However, please please remember that time, effort and patience is needed to get into this and you can simply not expect to become rich immediately. You might not even see a sale in your first 3-4 months of you starting your website. And that is the most real thing you’ll come to expect when it comes to business, and this is a reality for anyone doing business. But once you have liftoff, and you’re consistent with your content creation you have the ability to make it big.

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