Partying during Covid – AirBnB bans all house parties

Partying during Covid has surged in popularity as more bars are set to reopen and clubs become populated again. As with many places there are now new rules to follow, social distancing still applies and masks must be worn out the house.

But does anyone care much? Sadly not so likely.

But besides the clubbing and bar crawling; house parties to some may seem like a better idea. Localised and catered to a specific group of people, friends, friends of friends, family even…

But here’s the question: Would you like to host a house party knowing you’re too lazy to clean up in the morning? Better yet, you might still live with your parents and there’s no way in hell they’d let you host one in fear of having their home ruined by some rotten kids.

So what do you do? You book a room or a house someplace to jive in of course.

Listings allowing house parties are difficult enough to come by on AirBnB though, and for pretty good reason too. I wouldn’t trust people to clean up after themselves after getting waved off their nugget.

Not even that; the sheer nuisance people seem to cause to neighbors during their stay makes it a nightmare for those nearby, like delinquents thinking this is some sort of Project X movie. Pity on the homeowners too for having to deal with it.

And AirBnB has picked up on this, banning repeat offenders causing trouble for neighbors.

AirBnB bans house parties worldwide

But recently, AirBnB has pulled the move to ban house parties as a whole worldwide in an effort to help minimize mass gatherings in light of the Coronavirus pandemic as the main reason.

Not only was this a serious risk to those involved in the activity itself, but also to the community and the more vulnerable people; increasing the chance of contagion all throughout.

As AirBnB have stated “Instituting a global ban on parties and events is in the best intrest of the public health”.

Here are some of the new rules that have been imposed:

>Occupancy should not exceed 16 people


>Persons under the age of 25 will be prohibited from renting out entire houses.

These rules are enforced by law and legal action may be taken if guests do not honour these rules. A ban will definitely be in place for violating the rules, and rightfully so.

AirBnB has also, for the time being removed the ‘Event friendly’ and ‘Parties allowed’ filter from their platform.

Covid cases have risen in number again due to the public’s inability to demonstrate social distancing, and carrying out simple health and safety practices.

Why is my city of Birmingham in the UK one of the worst affected places in the country? Because no one gives a bollocks about any of the laws in regards to our health and we’re at serious risk of another city wide lockdown.

Then there’s the case where homeowners are being disrespected and thrown out of their own property for condemning the guest’s party antics; the guests causing a stubborn chaos to the point where the police have to show up and take action. Homeowners have been left with damage bills after guests leave the place in ruin.

The travel industry has pretty much been Batista Bombed into an erupting volcano since the Pandemic; with travel companies like AirBnB suffering from lack of business; so much so that the company had to recently cut off 25% of their staff. But as from July and the lightening of travel restrictions customers have been booking more nights in hopes to salvage their summer and start traveling places.

With this, it is important for AirBnB to really enforce health and safety practices within the platform that all hosts as well as guests must abide by. Thus comes the regulations that no house parties are strictly allowed.

AirBnB introduces technology to prevent house parties

AirBnB is more than just a simple booking platform, they’ve also just recently launched a technology that prevents people booking rooms with the intention of having parties during short term stays.

This technology was introduced two years ago as a result of homes being trashed by renters across Melbourne, damages were heavy and homeowners being handed hefty damage bills.

The company has been testing this technology since and are now ready to see it in action. As a result, over 1,400 bookings have been rejected due to suspicion and accounts belonging to party planners banned from the AirBnB system.

The system utilises various information to autonomously determine whether an accomodation is being booked for a party and potentially malicious activity; these include group sizes, and the duration of stay as well as the dates these reservations are booked and the frequency of the booking.

With all this information it’s kinda safe to assume that a group of 20+ people renting a home for a night or two during the last days of October may spell disaster.

It’s pretty simple thinking really, but having it run on automation on an app required some time to master, and even then it’s not a perfect program, but AirBnB are working on making it more accurate.

This system couldn’t have come at a better time, for the past couple years the company has tested the technology mainly as a preventative method for those wanting to start parties and cause chaos.

But now with the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping across the world it is paramount that kids these days don’t take advantage of their newfound freedom after lockdown to start doing some dumb crap and increasing the risk of infection.

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