Traveling after coronavirus – We can only dream now

We just can’t wait for this disaster to pass us. But will traveling after Coronavirus be the same again?

The things you say you’ll do once this whole condundrum blows over. Everyone’s talking about it, the places they’ll go, the things they’ll see. Never again will people take their freedom and time for granted.

The future is unpredictable, but we’re able to prepare for it. We’re reading the news and staying up to date with what’s happening around the world, hoping our friends and families are all safe and sound.

To travel the world freely again is a dream we all share, but for now we must bide our time and stay patient and take into consideration the things we can do to stay safe during and after this pandemic.

Is it safe to travel anywhere right now?

Heh. Heh.. Heh… No…

No way Jose. Plain and simple, I remember back when the Coronavirus first struck, flight prices plummeted and everyone saw this as an opportunity to start traveling. This didn’t bode well did it?

A lot of people ended up stranded abroad with no way to return home; furthermore, with people going out and about the virus was able to spread further and that’s how everyone carried the virus with them. It would’ve been best had people stayed home from the beginning and saw something like this as a threat earlier.

The only travel anyone should do is if it’s essential, I had to travel home eventually from Indonesia and spent two weeks in isolation to make sure I didn’t accidentally catch anything and risked infecting anyone.

I’ve already planned/ booked my trips. What to do?

Looking forward to the summer were you? Finally copped that long awaited holiday you always wanted?

There are people who plan and book their journey months in advance and if you’re one to have done this anticipating a little getaway this June onward you might face some dissapointment.

Hotels, resorts and travel destinations have ceased to function in compliance with lockdown laws and there won’t be much to do anyway.

If you have planned any trips it’ll be best to postpone them for a time where travel will be allowed again. And if you have booked anything like a hotel or a tour maybe, you’d do best to contact them and ask if you can either postpone or cancel the booking for the time being.

Some travel companies like airlines and hotels have, in favour of their customers changed some of their policies where cancellations and refunds are accepted without penalty.


Don’t sweat though, there might be a chance that you won’t have to cancel it all, I hope you won’t have to either. Time will tell whether your plans are a ‘go’ and you’ll be able to continue with your trip.

For example if you live in the UK I’ve read they’re planning on reopening some of the caravan sites and holiday parks so not all is bad is it? Here’s hoping there might still be some traveling to do yet, even if it’s domestic and this goes for other places too.

Should we be traveling as soon as restrictions are lifted?

It’s hard to tell really, will the pandemic really be over? Or does it still linger within the shadows, waiting to strike again? It was difficult enough to determine who was infected before it became too late, and it only took one person to start spreading the disease.

In all honesty I would recommend staying home until we’re absolutely a 100% certain the pandemic has passed and there’s too little chance anyone could get it.

The best thing to do is to stay informed, read the news, follow government guidelines and track the situation of your desired destination.

When will things return to normal?

This is dependent on a lot of things, and will be different each place. In general it might be a while until international travel will normalised again and the bans are fully lifted.

But with the way things are going now I’d reckon these travel restrictions will last into 2021 especially for countries that are developing and have an increased risk of contagion, these places will maintain stricter regulations and might even remain in lockdown for a while longer with stronger control over who enters and leaves the country.

For the more developed countries travel within the nation will be normalised and flights to other, safer destinations will resume eventually as things calm down. But restrictions will be lessened gradually with some rules still being enforced to ensure the overall safety of the public.

On the bright side, some places are looking better; for instance China have closed their temporary hospitals as cases drop. Britain is finally past its peak and lockdown laws are a little more lenient. So here’s hoping things everywhere return to normal as soon as possible

Traveling after Coronavirus…

There will come a time when this disater will be naught but a memory. No doubt the aiports are going to be packed again with hustle and bustle and people will take this opportunity to go see their families and start journeying. But travel won’t be the same for a while.

There are people who will see the chance to explore what they couldn’t during quarantine, the wanderlust grows strong and there are people who, like me cannot wait much longer.

However, there will be many who are still wary of traveling far and wide and will opt to stay as close to home as possible with shorter trips to start out. This of course means that flying might not skyrocket in demand yet.

Speaking of flying, in the beginning airlines might favour destinations with lesser restrictions and that are of course safer. And you might be wondering: will travel by air be safe itself?

Airlines have invested in means to ensure your journeys are as safe and clean as possible, they’ll steam and sterilise everything on board after each flight and may provide PPE such as masks and sanitation wipes throughout the journey.

Other means of transportation like buses, trains and boats/ cruises may also push to ensure their facilities are safe for use and therefore being able to operate again. But this may take some time.

It’s just a matter of whether passengers take it upon themselves to practice personal hygiene and social-distancing.

Here in he UK, not too long ago our Prime Minister has urged those who can go to work to start working again, of course in compliance with safety regulations. And what happened? Subways were packed with people again, practicing no social distancing as commuters budge and shove to get to work on time, further increasing risk of infection.

How to stay safe if you travel after the pandemic. Things to keep in mind…

If you do decide to go traveling, you’ll want to be extra careful as there’s no knowing of what might potentially happen. But here are some tips on how to stay healthy and safe when out and about:

  • Continue to practice social distancing as much as possible. By this I mean there’s no need to mix with other people when it’s not necessary. I know you’ll be tempted to hit up clubs and festivals, but until you can guarantee it’ll be safe then it’s best to avoid these places for the time being.
  • Continue to practice personal hygiene, often overlooked; but people start eating without having washed their hands. Take some sanitizer with you, wear your masks. I would also suggest taking a shower after a long day of adventuring, keeps you clean and fresh.
  • Read the news and stay up to date with current situations. If you plan to go abroad read the government guidelines on traveling and any restrictions and warnings that are issued.
  • Do your research and plan accordingly, this goes without saying and may come useful as a reference should you get confused or lost.
  • Be careful with what company you book anything with, and stay wary of ‘too good to be true’ deals that agents offer. Always read the fine print, T&Cs; and policies and consult about anything you’re unsure about.
  • Consider buying travel insurance. Though it may cost a bit, it’s a worthy investment and can help reimburse you should anything go wrong while you’re away. Again, read on policies and fine print before you purchase.
  • Don’t travel if you’re sick or have any underlying health issues that may affect you on a journey. Rather consult with a doctor first and if needed, take the necessary shots before you do travel.
  • Don’t pack your medication into your checked-luggage in case it goes missing. Keep valuables with you at all times.
  • If you’re still unsure or worried about travel then it’s best to stay home for the time being and continue staying up to date with the situation around the world.

In conclusion

We all want to hit the road as soon as possible. Just to be out the house and enjoy some fresh air, see all the things we’ve dreamed about for so long during our time in quarantine.

But as much as we wished this was true, we might be stuck indoors for a while longer as we wait for quarantine regulations and travel restrictions to slowly be lifted. Baby steps first, we’ll be able to leave our house eventually and from there gradually hope things return to normal and we carry on our usual lives.

Travel will be limited for the time being and will remain like this until further notice, bummer.

But hey, there’s still so much to look forward to and let’s take this time to appreciate all the things we took for granted when we had the freedom and time to do the things we wanted. Hopefully this will spark some inspiration for us to start planning and writing up goals of all the things we finally wish to do once this disaster passes us.

For now, stay safe, stay healthy and take care 🙂

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