Where to travel after Coronavirus – Places to visit 2020

Things are slowly looking up, as virus cases gradually fall, different countries are starting to consider opening up for tourists again. But there are so many places for us to discover, you might wonder; where to travel after Coronavirus?

Now, it may still be a while until everything goes back to normal but there are plenty of things to look forward to and once this is all over, believe me it’s time to book them tickets.

But without further ado here are a few ideas on where to travel after Coronavirus – some of the places to visit in 2020:


This here is a big dream of mine, and has been for the longest time; there will never be a better time to go than after this pandemic has passed.

Japan has it all, it is a land of stunning nature, a deep culture, a rich history and of course all the whackiness you can expect.

There’s too much to discover on a short trip but even a week over there will leave anyone satisfied and wanting to come back for more. There’s never a shortage of things to do or see, even the alleyways have their own restaurants and bars and stories to tell.

You’ll walk around town and see people dressed up as Mario characters driving karts as that Tokyo Drift song plays, or how about exploring Akihabara trying to find rare collectibles and whacky gadgets?

The roads are lined with arcades and karaoke bars all offering something different, perfect for dates or a general good time.

And when night falls, cities like Osaka radiate with vividness and colour and people are out and about; the waft of different mouth-watering foods fill the air as hosts warmly welcome you to try their restaurants. The clubs are rammed with partygoers and the night sky is filled with good vibes.

The theme parks too have their own charms and can be the perfect day out; especially Disneyland Tokyo. Come on now, if a Disneyland not a major selling point, I don’t know what is.

You could visit shrines and temples and learn of their religions, immerse yourself in fascinating cultural festivals or experience a whole new culinary world bursting with creativity and flavour.

But besides the urban and nightlife, I want to obviously mention the top reason I like Japan so much.

It is the nature, the people there truly care about their country and do their best to preserve its beauty.

Imagine hiking across the countryside, it’s peaceful, you can hear the crickets chirping, the sakura trees sway in the breeze showing off a vibrant pink contrasting against a blue sky. A river flows softly and you can hear children playing in the nearby fields.

The sun starts to set, you reach a village and decide to relax in a warm, outdoor hotsprings under a sakura tree with snow-topped mountains in the distance under a clear sky.

My friend I tell you, Japan is a vibe, an experience not to be missed. It has something for everyone, for those looking for a bit of peace and quiet or the party animals looking to enjoy the buzzing nightlife.


Another Asian country on the list, but a whole different story, and vibe. Vietnam is one of the few Asian countries not heavily affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic and would be a great place to start exploring once tourism there resumes.

Like Japan, Vietnam is an explorer’s paradise with no shortage of things to do whether you’re up north or down south; you could be enjoying the cityscapes of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, finding the best Pho or learning about their culture and history; gaze at the remnants of a once occupied French colony with their European style buildings. Or learn more about the Vietnam war.

Perhaps relax by the waterfalls dotted throughout the land, hike through Cat Ba island and take a dip in their beaches .

How about exploring the immense caves of Phong Na? Did you know their caves are so large they have their own thriving ecosystems? It’s like a whole new, underground world and who wouldn’t want to see that?

Not only is Vietnam vast and beautiful, but it is a very cheap and affordable place, perfect for those on a budget. You could be paying less than £5 for a room and food is generally even cheaper, sometimes only costing £3 for a hearty meal. You could easily stay for a week and pay less than you would in a day for some of the other countries on this list.

All you need to do is rent a bike or a scooter and you’re set for your adventures, with this, getting round and about is very convenient. And no matter where you find yourself in Vietnam, a story can be made whether you’re exploring the busy streets or the vibrant nature.

I sometimes feel like Vietnam is overlooked a lot as people tend to steer towards destinations like Bali or Thailand, but if that’s the case then it’s safe to say that Vietnam really is an underrated gem worth checking out. The things you read about on the internet barely scratches the surface of what this place has to offer, and one can only be satisfied by experiencing it for themselves.


One of the few countries to reopen it’s borders early is Greece, tourists from 29 countries will be able to visit this gorgeous place from the 1st of June, and there is a lot to look forward to.

Greece is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and for good reason.

It is the home to so many things, an ancient history spanning all the way to before the birth of Christ, the Arcopolis of Athens that are testament to how advanced in achitecture the Greeks were. Santorini with their distinct white and blue buildings that line the coast overlooking a vast sea. Of course the Olympics. And so much more…

If you’ve been to Greece, you’ll also agree that not too many places in Europe can boast such a bustling nightlife like it too. You could be vibing on rooftop bars, boozing as early as 19:00 with people leaving work to finally hang out with mates or go on dates with their loved ones.

This place contrasts day and night life very well with plenty of things to do from sunrise to sunrise.

Not to mention Greece has some of the best foods I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. The Greek pride themselves in using the freshest ingredients to make their food. Having a nice lunch or dinner on a restaurant terrace hits differently when you do it in Greece and I would definitely have it on any bucketlist of things to try.

You could be doing so much in Greece, but you’ll never be able to unlock all its secrets in one lifetime. The weather is generally beautiful all year round, the people are so hospitable they’ll make you feel right at home and the place is one huge sandbox of experiences suitable for anyone looking for a good time.


For those looking for an ‘Arabian Nights’ sort of vibe, Morocco is a must.

The whole country is just a huge historical monument boasting many things to experience from their cuisine and culture to the environment from the cities to the coastal towns and mountains.

It’s mighty affordable with a lot of packages and tours available. Each day can be planned and jampacked with things to do from morning to late night.

It is never a dull moment in Morocco; you’ll be bargaining for the best prices in traditional labyrinthine markets (or souks) that have so many interesting things on offer, the smell of rich incense fill your nose as music plays in the distance.

Be amazed and take a boat ride by the Ouzoud waterfalls in the famous Altas mountains. How about quad-biking on desert dunes?

Besides the hustle and bustle, you could enjoy a relaxing stroll by the village of Chefchaouen that’s awash with beautiful blue houses; or the many coastal towns lined with amazing restaurants all offering a diverse selection of mouth-watering dishes from tagines to b’ssara and the well-known couscous.


In the evening, places like the Marrakech square is packed with stalls and people enjoying a night out under a warm sky; first, a nice cold refreshing drink is in order and the exploration continues, vendors are out selling snacks and souvenirs, there will be performers walking the streets providing entertainment and everyone is just out to have a good time.

The food, in Morocco by the way is to die for, if you were looking forward to Greek food, Moroccan food is entirely for the soul. Moroccans use rich spices and utilise traditional cooking techniques to bring you some of the best dishes the world has ever been blessed with.

Also, Morocco has the number one, best freshly squeezed orange juice ever, that on a hot summer’s day, is literal heaven.


Alright, so I’ve listed two Asian countries and two Mediterranean countries, I really wanted to mention a place like Switzerland but kept the cost in mind and had to go with Canada. But keep Switzerland in your thoughts too oi.

In all honesty, I think Canada has got to be one of the most beautiful countries besides Switzerland and Japan that I’ve ever laid eyes on in terms of pure nature.

The national parks there are the epitome of peace and tranquility; Banff national park especially with its immense azure lake surrounded by towering mountains and densely packed, green forests; the night skies dotted with stars and galaxies. The country roads that stretch far and wide make for an interesting roadtrip filled with stories to tell and things to see.

Imagine camping by a quiet lakeside, you got your little fire going and are enjoying a relaxing evening looking up at the night sky, the animals are asleep and you’re left to wonder at how such a beautiful place could exist. The mountains silhouette in the distance and nearby trees sway softly with the breeze.

You wake up in the morning and you see the sun rise into a clear sky, you take a deep breath and can smell that fresh morning smell. The birds are chirping and the grass is moist with morning dew. Life is all right.

You’ve got ski resorts too, high up in the mountains if you’re looking for a change in scenery, the village of Whistler caters to that as a gorgeous winter wonderland that’s beautifully lit up at night to bring about a cozy and tranquil atmosphere.

Ok, but besides the vast nature, the cities too are packed with things to do, not to mention Toronto and the iconic CN tower. The towns all offer various activities and attractions for tourists from museums to the famous Calgary Stampede.

Visit places like Old Montreal or Old Quebec where you can appreciate the historic buildings, wine and dine, and go on a shopping spree. A lot of these places have been specifically re-developed for tourism and is perfect for a day out.

My wanderlust grows larger by the day and I can absolutely not wait to get back out there and explore the rest of the world.

With everything that’s going on right now, one must remember to remind themselves that there is still plenty of good on Earth, its beauty, the people.

There’s so much more in this world than one can imagine and there’s even more good things to look forward to. So here’s to all the good times still left to be had, the friends we make along the way and the good vibes we’re all chasing. Stay safe all…

Thanks for reading.


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